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About Calpacific Equipment Company

At Calpacific Equipment we understand the complex issues you face every day.  We can show you how to maximize efficiency and safety, stabilize or lower overall utility cost and achieve goals for reducing emissions.  We can also assist you in complying with regulations and Standards of Care, such as CMS, OSHA (1998), ASHRAE Guideline 12-2000, ASHRAE Standard 188-2015, VA Directive 1061 (2014), World Health Organization and Joint Commission Environment of Care. 


Our durable equipment and advanced technologies consistently demonstrate unparalleled value and improve utility performance in mechanical and boiler rooms, sterile processing departments, washing and laundry facilities, and kitchens of health care institutions of all sizes.  Weather our steam, electric or gas fired humidifiers, digitally controlled domestic water heaters, steam quality monitors and more we have the solutions for your healthcare facility.

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Since it's founding in 1952, Calpacific has sought to provide its customers with the best products, services and solutions available.

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